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Embodying avant-garde, precision and bold style, TAG Heuer has become a titan of the high-powered Swiss watch world - and with good reason.

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Keeping pace with the evolution of sports since 1860, the need for high-precision timing is what has driven TAG Heuer to become the Swiss watchmaker it is today. With timepieces that capture every fraction of a second from the wrists of the drivers who have marked history, they’re sure to get you revved up.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300
TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300

Editor’s choice TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300

Style meets strength with this TAG Heuer Aquaracer Stainless Steel Automatic Men’s Watch. Built to endure any conditions, the 300m water resistance, easy-to-read dial and unidirectional bezel mean you can rest easy while under the waves. The sharp good looks mean you can wear it from the boardroom to the big blue and everywhere in between.

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Life on the track with TAG Heuer.

So, TAG Heuer was conceived in a small workshop in Saint Imier, Switzerland and to this day, the brand continues to be based there. With origins dating all the way to 1860, founder Edouard Heuer began the brand’s innovative path with the invention of the oscillating pinion, a creation that was so ahead of its time that it is still used today.

But what is it that’s kept this brand’s innovation competitive throughout the decades? Let’s take a deeper look at life on the inside track.

Behind the brand

With a mantra like ‘Don’t crack under pressure’, you’d expect TAG Heuer to bring the very best timekeeping precision to the table. And that’s exactly what they do. Established on two strong foundations of family leadership and technical innovation and under the steer of founder Edouard Heuer, the brand patented some of the world’s most advanced timekeeping instruments. In 1869, Heuer patented one of the first crown-winding mechanisms for pocket watches and some twenty years later the famous oscillating pinion for mechanical chronographs was invented, a movement that is still used today.

But it was only after TAG started creating dashboard chronographs for automobiles and aircrafts and son, Jack Heuer, joined the business did the brand venture into wristwatches. Following in his father’s determined footsteps, in 1962 Jack launched the Autavia and a year later created a timepiece that would become the watch of champions, the best-selling Carrera. From there, the only way was the track, as TAG continued to build on their triumphs within the racing world and became the Official Timekeeper for Formula One in 1992. But it doesn’t end there, as TAG Heuer continues to innovate and more recently (2017 to be precise) invented the first smartwatch to have the Swiss Made title with the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45.

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