Mixing unique patented cut diamonds with a real family affair, Royal Asscher creates the perfect cocktail of heart-pumping sparkle.


  • Royal Asscher Engagement Rings

    Engagement rings

    Created for romantics craving the uniqueness of a rare piece, Royal Asscher engagement rings boast four patented diamond cuts that blaze with beauty, light and sparkle and will captivate anyone who lays eyes on them.
  • Royal Asscher Wedding & Eternity Rings

    Wedding and eternity rings

    An exquisite pairing for your Royal Asscher engagement ring - or any engagement ring for that matter. Royal Asscher wedding and eternity rings are crafted lovingly as a symbol of enduring love and are the perfect way to say those three little words.

Royal Asscher

Momentous occasions deserve magnificent rings and that’s why Royal Asscher has been perfecting their diamond cutting over centuries. The result? Mesmerising sparkle so good they patented the cut. A family run business, just like us, each generation has added to the artistry, imagination and groundbreaking innovation in diamonds, creating finessed jewellery made for your romantic promise.

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