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Mixing unique patented cut diamonds with a real family affair, Royal Asscher creates the perfect cocktail of heart pumping sparkle.

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Momentous occasions deserve magnificent rings and that’s why Royal Asscher have been perfecting their diamond cutting over centuries. The result? Mesmerising sparkles so good they patented the cut.

A family run business, just like us, each generation has added to the artistry, imagination and innovation in diamonds, creating finessed jewellery made for your romantic promise.

Editor’s choice Royal Asscher Diamond Solitaire Ring in Platinum

A ring that’s every bit worthy of your momentous occasion, this Royal Asscher Diamond Solitaire Ring in Platinum perfectly blends a timeless aesthetic with pure brilliance. With a striking oval cut diamond at the centre stage, it’s the pièce de résistance to your ring finger.

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Royal Asscher Diamond Solitaire Ring in Platinum

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The sparkling house of Royal Asscher

Experts in the art of diamond cutting, so much so that their exclusive Royal Asscher cut is one that only the world’s most experienced diamond cutters can master, a cut that creates breathtakingly bright and intense sparkle. The brand first opened their doors in Amsterdam over 165 years ago but what is it about this family owned business that makes their quest for sparkle so special?

Behind the brand

As custodians of diamond beauty since 1854, the Asscher family have remained at the forefront of ethics, transparency and accountability in the diamond trade. Handling the most important and historically significant diamonds than any other diamantaire in history, the family’s dedication to craft and artistry began with the rise of the Dutch diamond industry in the mid-1800s. Passing on the ability to cut and reveal the ultimate beauty of a diamond from generation to generation, today the family’s love for diamonds still runs deep. As does their commitment to bring out the irresistible scintillation of every rough diamond that they lay their hands on. When they say the Asscher cut is indescribable, with fire, sparkle, and light that dazzles like no other, we can certainly see why.

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