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Aftercare isn’t just an
afterthought at Loupe.

When it comes to fine jewellery and watches, we really do care. We want your new Loupe piece to stay as shiny and new as the day you got it. And it will, if you give it some TLC. Read our golden rules then peruse our helpful care guides for the best ways to do this…

The golden rules

We know when you find the Loupe piece you love, you might never want to take it off.

But sometimes you need to lose the jewellery to keep it looking its best.

Take off your jewellery…

  • When showering or soaking - particularly with chlorine as this can really damage it.
  • When applying perfume, hair products or hand sanitiser. Or just put your jewellery on last.
  • When sleeping, cooking or cleaning – and if any chemicals come into contact, just rinse them off.

Your fine jewellery pieces also need care and attention when you’re not wearing them. Make sure they are stored carefully (they don’t like to be touching) and away from direct sunlight.

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