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Happily ever aftercare Watch
care guide

Take a little time

We want your new Loupe timepiece to last a lifetime, and we know you want this too.
With hundreds of moving parts and complex components, it’s easy to forget the care and attention a watch needs. Give them the love they deserve with these tips. We call it ‘happily ever aftercare’. P.S. it’s important to remember every watch is unique and will require bespoke care. You should always read the manual for your watch.

Give a little TLC

Tender loving cleaning… It’s definitely possible to safely clean your timepiece at home. Use your complimentary microfibre cloth to give the watch case a clean – you can slightly dampen it too. We would recommend bringing your watch in to one of our Loupe boutiques for a deeper clean, polish and inspection. Plus it’s the perfect excuse for a glass of fizz or relaxing coffee.

We can also resize your bracelet watch by adding or removing links. Just bring your timepiece to our boutique.

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