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Unparalleled lustre and eternal elegance - make a statement that matches your style with Mikimoto.

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With a quest for perfection, Mikimoto has been translating our hopes and dreams into pearl necklaces for over 130 years. And today? The originator of cultured pearls creates lust-worthy pieces that reflect the purity of the ocean and the mystery of creation.

Born from the traditions and philosophies of Japan, Mikimoto designs transcend age and gender instead, creating pieces that, to own, are a unique and luxurious pleasure.

Editor’s choice Mikimoto Classic Pearl Necklace in 18ct White Gold

Equal parts timeless charm and alluring lustre, this Mikimoto Classic Pearl Necklace in 18ct White Gold is the heirloom-worthy piece you’ve been looking for. With a mesmerising row of lustrous pearls blended with 18ct white gold, if you like your necklaces with lashings of understated elegance this enchanting one is sure to tick your boxes.

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Classic Pearl Necklace in 18ct White Gold

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The lustrous world of Mikimoto

For Mikimoto, a deep-rooted Japanese history and influences from around the world helped this brand take shape. Harnessing the allure of pearls, Mikimoto brings you individual pieces of artistry in their own right. But what is it about Mikimoto’s pearls that make them so desirable? We take a look at the brand behind the world’s first cultured pearls...

Behind the brand

After Kokichi Mikimoto successfully created the first cultured pearls, the world became Mikimoto’s oyster. Seeking to harness the enchanting allure of pearls, the Pearl King (as he affectionately became known) dreamt of adorning women with pearls, a dream that has lived on through the brand. Today, Mikimoto continues to dedicate itself to the pursuit of beauty by blending traditional Japanese metalworking and European manufacturing techniques to create the brand’s rather distinctive style. And boy is it a style that we love.

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