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Outrė designs and innovative materials is the name of the game with luxury Swiss watch brand Hublot - bringing the future of watchmaking to today.

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Hublot’s unique use of materials and the highly distinguishable H-shaped screws (to create the now iconic ‘porthole’ look), have become renowned for groundbreaking designs while exploring every detail of craftsmanship. Always one step ahead thanks to the researchers, watchmakers, physicists, chemists, and engineers all working under the same roof. The result? The Art of Fusion...

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Join us as we report live from Geneva between 9th April - 15th April 2024 at the biggest watch event of the year. From interviews with the experts to the latest launches from Hublot and exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, we’ve got you covered right here.

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The curious universe of Hublot

Blue-sky thinking and innovation meet to create each of Hublot’s timepieces. Bursting with unique features and revolutionary craftsmanship, each iteration is set to amaze while remaining uncannily precise. The sky's the limit with Hublot.

Hublot has become a game changer in the industry. Enter the Hublot universe and find out what is so special about their concept of perfect fusion here…

Behind the brand

Taking their name and design inspiration from the French word for ‘porthole’, the brand's circular bezel with ‘H’ shaped screws has become an iconic design that is instantly recognisable.

Pushing the boundaries since the eighties, founder Carl Crocco was ahead of the game with his innovative watchmaking. Blending unique combinations of materials together, Crocco was the first to dare design a watch crafted from gold with rubber, a concept later reinforced by Jean-Claude Biver and branded ‘Art of Fusion’. Said concept has since become the foundation of the brand’s vision and what a concept it is.

Now masters of ‘Art of Fusion’, Hublot brings together the past and the present to create futuristic watches. Through the fusion of traditional, modern and pioneering materials and conventional mechanisms and unique construction. In fact, the concept is even taken through to the heart of each watch, with unique in-house movements. The result? Watches that are second to none.

Today, the brand continues to accompany revolutionary materials with innovative techniques that makes Hublot an award winning brand and a prominent player in the watch world. Tomorrow? Hublot is set to continue to change the shape of watchmaking.

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