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Striking in every detail and rooted in a passion for innovation, Messika reimagines diamonds as they break free from tradition's chains, creating spirited pieces that move with fluidity and style.

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Driven by a desire for exuberance and vitality, Messika infuses each piece with a sense of light and play while honouring traditional codes. Paring back settings to let diamonds shimmer, embracing the skin with effortless elegance.

Crafted in the heart of Paris in 2005 and carried by the visionary designer Valerie Messika, the Maison redefines how diamonds are worn and each bracelet, ring, necklace, and earring in the collection tells the awe-inspiring story of decadence and transformation, brought to life by beautiful diamonds.

Editor’s choice Move Classic Diamond Necklace in 18ct Yellow Gold

Meticulously curated and expertly handcrafted, the Messika Move Classic Diamond Necklace in 18ct Yellow Gold perfectly marries timeless allure with contemporary style. At its heart lies a captivating round brilliant cut diamond that glides effortlessly within a gleaming 18ct white gold cage. This stunning centrepiece is suspended from an 18ct yellow gold chain, embellished with, you guessed it—more diamonds. And for those who crave extra brilliance, there's also a pavé version. Trust us, this exquisite piece will become a permanent fixture in your jewellery collection.

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Messika My Twin Diamond Ring in 18ct White Gold

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Welcome to the House of Messika

Sparked by a passion for timeless diamonds and a mission to make them an everyday affair, Messika has redefined fine jewellery in a way that's instantly recognisable worldwide. So, what sets apart a brand that’s made its mark on the red carpet?

Behind the brand

A tale of family legacy and a shared devotion to classic diamonds, the Messika story spans generations. Visionary Valérie Messika carries forward the expertise and passion inherited from her father, André Messika, a renowned diamond merchant. Enchanted by diamonds, Valérie dreamt of a world where women could adorn themselves with these precious gems even on a rainy day—not just for grand soirées. Rooted in Parisian elegance, today the Maison continues to redefine luxury, pushing the boundaries of jewellery design and showcasing the unrestrained brilliance of diamonds in every exquisite collection.

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