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Delve into the world of Loupe Diamonds

What sets a Loupe Diamond apart from the rest?

At Loupe, we select diamonds by eye, not by certificate, uncovering the life and scintillation inside each and every single gem. We leave no stone unturned, literally, and we just know they’re exceptional.

The ABC on diamonds

Let’s talk about the 4 Cs of a diamond, cut, colour, clarity, and carat - things you can't simply buy off paper. That’s why each Loupe diamond is hand chosen by eye by Chloe, our diamond buyer so we can see the individual fire, brilliance and scintillation that adds to its allure. What you see when looking at a Loupe diamond is the same energy we feel when we’re selecting it. We look for diamonds which have real scintillation and life inside them. Does it make our heart pump?

Cut (above the rest)

At Loupe, we believe cut is the most important C of all, as it determines the diamond's fire, brilliance, and scintillation. We hand select all Loupe diamonds by eye to ensure the cut meets our exacting standards; only a well cut diamond with perfect proportions will reflect light correctly, creating the 'life' of a diamond; its fire, brilliance, and scintillation.


Produced by the interaction of light and the diamond’s surface, scintillation is essentially referring to the ‘sparkle’ of a diamond (but we think there’s better words than sparkle). It’s the flashes of light caused by reflections within the diamond as it moves in the light.


Also known as the ‘brightness’, this is the goosebump-inducing effect of all the internal and external bright white light reflected from a diamond’s facets. It’s often the first thing you notice when looking at a diamond.


The world’s most intense firework, the fire of a diamond is the colourful flashes that the stone emits when exposed to light. It’s the rainbow effect from the light dispersion, scattering brilliant colour in every direction.

Colour, or lack of it

We only select the crème de la crème of diamonds at Loupe, falling within the near colourless range (D-G). This means that when you own a Loupe diamond, it will be completely devoid of any visible colour, radiating a scintillating white brilliance.

Clarity on clarity

Much like a fingerprint, diamond clarity is what makes a diamond unique and determines its rarity and purity. Over hundreds of millions of years marks and inclusions are formed, this is why we only select diamonds with no inclusions visible to the naked eye and why so few make the final cut- we only choose diamonds that are truly spectacular with Loupe DNA running through them.

Carat, the C that needs no introduction

When it comes to measuring a diamond's size, carat weight stands out (one carat equals 0.20 grams). Although carat weight holds importance, it's the other "C's" that truly grant a diamond with beauty. Will it radiate with brilliance when it catches the light? Is it truly stunning? It’s these finer details that really elevate each Loupe piece.

Diamonds aren’t your only best friend

We pour our passion into revealing the resplendent allure of every diamond and select only the most exquisite metals to fashion our pieces. With lustrous settings sculpted using the finest precious metals, from platinum to 18ct golds, each design is nothing less than uniquely captivating. Need we go on?

Our thoughtfully curated collections

Considered curation is how we like to think of our Loupe diamond collections. Each piece has its own unique story to tell. Exquisite, lustrous, breathtaking, we could go on about how stunning our collections are, but we’ll let the jewellery do the talking…

The Loupe seal of approval

Investing in diamonds needs to be done with utter confidence, that’s why our Diamond Buyer, Chloe, handpicks each and every diamond that forms the Loupe collections. So, every Loupe diamond ring and jewellery piece bears our laser engraved Loupe logo for authenticity. And you’ll also receive a diamond certificate personally signed by Chloe.

Meet our Insiders

Our expert Diamond Buyer, Chloe, tells us what makes a Loupe diamond so special.

"We hand-select each Loupe diamond so you get to see the individual fire, brilliance and scintillation that adds to its allure. What you see when looking at a diamond through a loupe is almost like energy that you can feel when you’re buying them. We’re so passionate about diamonds and select from so many when one is a Loupe diamond, we just know – it’s special."

- Chloe, Diamond and Jewellery Buyer