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A little TLC

So, you’ve got a Loupe diamond and you want to make sure it keeps its undeniable
sparkling power. Well, you’ve come to the right place. This guide lets you in on
all the secrets to a lifetime of scintillation.

Who says cleaning isn’t glamorous?

Want to keep your Loupe diamond looking just as fabulous as the day you bought it? Brush up on your jewellery beauty skills with your complimentary diamond brush and microfibre cloth.

They’ll help remove any skin oils and dust that leave a film oil on the surface. And help you keep your diamond looking dazzling day to day.

Care Kit
Diamond Care Golden Rules

The golden rules of diamond care

We know when you find the piece you love, you might never want to take it off.

But sometimes you need to lose the diamonds, to keep them looking their best.

Take off your diamonds...

  • When showering or soaking - particularly with chlorine as this can really damage them.
  • When applying perfume, hair products or hand sanitiser. Or just put your diamond jewellery on last.
  • When sleeping, cooking, or cleaning – and if any chemicals come into contact, just rinse them off.

Leave no stone unturned

Aftercare isn’t just an afterthought at Loupe. You are always welcome to bring your jewellery in to us for a little TLC

Drop in for a complimentary deep clean, polish and inspection any time – we recommend a monthly ‘glow up’ to keep your piece looking beautiful. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for a glass of fizz or
relaxing coffee.

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