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And like the world’s most intense firework, they’re nothing less than uniquely captivating.

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It might sound cliché, but it's true. We love diamonds. So, we mean it when we say, we go through the emotions with every piece. It’s not just about the 4 C’s (although they are very important), it’s also about the heart pumps and goose bumps. We have to fall head over heels in love with every piece, so we know you will too.

Royal Asscher

Royal Asscher

It’s all in the pursuit of perfection when it comes to Royal Asscher diamonds, with scintillation so good they patented the diamond cut. From rings that blaze with beauty and brilliance to pieces crafted lovingly as a symbol of enduring love, when it comes to diamonds, Royal Asscher are the masters of getting it right.

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Editor’s choice Loupe Confection

“The Loupe Confection collection is a chocolate box of styles. Graduated designs, elegant curves and contemporary styling are blended with pear, marquise and round cut diamonds to make for sophisticated pieces with an heirloom status.”

Chloe Adlestone, Diamond Buyer.

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Loupe Confection

An inimitable passion for diamonds

The butterflies, the wide eyes, the heart pumps and the goosebumps. We go through them all with every Loupe diamond.

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Come and see luxury in a new light. We’re here to create wonderful wow moments in our Milton Keynes and Croydon Boutiques - we think it’s how the finer things deserve to be discovered.

And, what better way to discover the finer things than with a bespoke consultation? Let’s chat over coffee or celebrate with champagne, whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ll find the perfect piece together.

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