Gucci | New releases from Gucci’s 2024 High Watchmaking collection

Delve a little deeper: The best has arrived with the all-new Gucci 25H Minute Repeater, Skeleton Tourbillon, Gucci Interlocking, and G-Timeless Planetarium watches.

Gucci once again showcased its new High Watchmaking collection at a charming stately home in Geneva, near their Swiss watch manufacturing site, the ‘Gucci Watch Lab’ in Cortaillod, which houses every phase of watch production under one roof. Each year the Italian luxury house continues to push the boundaries of innovation as well as its unmistakable aesthetics, and it’s something we’ve now come to expect. From the debut of its exclusive calibre in 2021 to the exquisite skeleton flying tourbillon in 2022, followed by the sophisticated first perpetual calendar in the previous year, Gucci’s haute horlogerie collection in 2024 is no exception.

The highlight of this year? The introduction of the exclusive 25H Minute Repeater – a true testament to Gucci's commitment to excellence in watchmaking. And if you’re a watch connoisseur, you’ll know that this complication is one of the most challenging and refined features in watchmaking, yet. Let's just say Gucci has hit a high note with this one (see what we did there). And with seven other new additions to their Skeleton Tourbillon, Gucci Interlocking, and G-Timeless Planetarium watch collections there’s plenty of colour, innovation and complexities to tempt you.

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25H Minute Repeater

25H Minute Repeater

This year, Gucci has revisited the iconic GUCCI 25H collection and injected a sense of playfulness into it that we didn’t know we needed. Sized at 40mm with a sleek matte finish and available in either white or pink gold not only is the GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater a game-changer when it comes to design, but its movement is too, which features a complex carillon minute repeater mechanism that produces a melodious chime (thanks to the delicate interplay of three small hammers) that strikes different notes for hours, quarter hours, and minutes - a wonderful reminder of the house's artistic expression and a true landmark creation for Gucci. With such an intricate watch complication at its beating heart, it is sure to win over the horology fans amongst you.

But if you need any more reasons to fall in love with the 25H Minute Repeater here’s one: The on-demand repeater is activated not by a standard pusher, no, but by a revolutionary rotating bezel which is a welcome surprise and ties perfectly in with its offbeat design. Keeping in the previous style notes of its predecessor, despite its complex and intricate inner workings comprising 340 assembled components, the GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater maintains its sleek and minimalist silhouette with a slim 40mm tri-layer case. If you can resist its mesmerising good looks, we’ll take our proverbial hat off to you.

And concealed within the octagonal crown at 3 o'clock lies a nod to the urban and contemporary aesthetic that defines this iconic collection. Because we all know that exceptional watchmaking is a thing of beauty, right

Honing the adage that more is more, the hypnotic openwork dial is a testament to the art of cymatics, translating sound waves into beautiful visual patterns. And each Roman numeral index marker (boldly positioned at 12, 3, and 9 o’clock) is a stroke of exclusivity and a nod to a fresh typographic concept that mirrors the iconic Interlocking G logo’s circular allure, which is taken to new heights with the elegant tourbillon cage stationed at 6 o'clock. And what’s not to love about that? Complete with a black alligator strap, this watch is sure to catch the eye of everyone in the room.

Editor's notes

Setting a new standard for the GUCCI 25H collection, the 25H Minute Repeater has immediately brought a sense of whimsy and luxe to the luxury market that’ll really make you smile when you glance down at your wrist. Keeping in line with the house's iconic codes and unconventional innovation this timepiece is a welcome ‘musical’ delight.

Gucci Tourbillon

25H Skeleton Tourbillon

Utterly outrageous - in the best way possible - is exactly what you get with the latest editions to the Gucci 25H Skeleton Tourbillon line. Unveiling a dynamic 40mm trio of models crafted in transparent sapphire glass case (a material known for its durability and clarity), there’s another impressive ultra-slim case at play here - a mere 8.2mm in thickness. And when a 360-degree view of the intricate skeletonised movement makes an appearance, you know this watch embodies all things exceptional watchmaking. It would be rude not to show off, right?

And don’t even get us started on the colourful touches, Gucci has nailed this year's colour trends which are proving to be some of the most exciting yet with three variations of their signature alligator straps in either black, blue, or pink. Plus, with matching coloured details on the Interlocking G logo, hands, and flying tourbillon the dial won’t go unnoticed. And don’t be fooled, these pieces were created with no easy feat, each carefully handcrafted and cut with the utmost precision and care to prevent the sapphire from breaking or shattering. You had us at skeleton dial.

Editor's notes

Grandeur, horological excellence, and an obstructed view of the skeletonized movement? The 25H Skeleton Tourbillon is a timepiece that certainly earns our seal of approval. With a nod to Gucci’s commitment to innovation in high watchmaking, technical prowess and fun aesthetics intertwined, this timepiece goes for opulence from start to finish.

Gucci Interlocking

Gucci Interlocking

Gucci's latest drop is a first, bringing their core Interlocking collection to High Watchmaking and if you ask us, it’s a lesson in fine detailing (and you know how much we love the finer details). Bringing a fresh spin on high watchmaking with its fusion of two iconic complications – the mesmerising flying tourbillon and jumping hours. Set in a captivating cushion-shaped 41mm case with a 10.7mm thickness, these complications come to life in perfect harmony, which can only be described as a wearable piece of art for your wrist.

The lustrous layer of semi-transparent sapphire glass subtly reveals the jumping hour which displays a hand-lacquered disc adorned with elegant Roman numerals, drawing inspiration from the iconic Interlocking G motif. And revealing the correct hour with a unique flair, the Roman numeral emerges through a semi-transparent, smoked sapphire glass in black or blue, creating an air of mystery as it conceals the surrounding numerals. Adding to its allure is the flying tourbillon at the heart of the dial - a nod to the new GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater - with a unique cage embellished with a GG logo that can also be seen on the engraved caseback.

We told you it’s all in the details. Now let’s talk about the rest, from its multi-layered dial design to the cushion case and two-part brushed and polished bezel that captures the light, each smooth edge of this timepiece is sure to be a talking point at any occasion. And with a choice of either pink or white gold, whichever you swoon for the great news is both these metals are continuing to trend.

Editor's notes

Combining the flying tourbillon and jumping hours within a uniquely shaped cushion case the Gucci Interlocking series is a modern step into fine detailing and depth. And that multi layered dial? Is as a true feat in outstanding craftsmanship and watchmaking expertise.

Gucci Planetarium

G-Timeless Planetarium

We’ve had a lesson in detailing and impressive complications, now for a lesson in exquisite colour. The G-Timeless Planetarium has welcomed the additions of two new 40mm iterations, adorned with twelve rotating precious stones that encircle a central tourbillon in what can only be described as a breathtaking rainbow of colour and brilliance (two of our favourite things). So, if you’re looking for an excuse to embrace gemstones, this is it.

The stones orbit in 9 seconds, and clockwise around the dial in 90 seconds which is all thanks to a unique start-and-stop function. And each stone's vibrant charm is beautifully showcased on a textured guilloché base, reflecting their radiance and allure. Don’t underestimate what the flash of fiery opals, garnets, yellow beryl, the lush greens of peridot and tourmaline, the serene blues of topaz and tanzanite, and the beauty of amethysts and pink rubellites can do.

And who says you can’t have it all? Adding to its allure, the centre tourbillon features a stunning diamond-set flower motif set with over fifty diamonds (yes, you heard correctly), a design that is echoed on the watch's caseback, too, of course. Crafted in either white or pink gold with contrasting blue or subtle golden accents there’s no colourful minimalism to be seen here. Artist palettes at the ready: it’s time to add some fun to your wrist game.

Editor's notes

As far as colour trends go the G-Timeless Planetarium is a lesson in them all. From the luscious gemstones adorning the case to the scintillating diamond-set flower motif centre tourbillon, this timepiece is incomparable to anything else we’ve seen grace the High Watchmaking world.

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