Meet our Insiders:
Loupe Boutique Manager
Daniel Bailes

Introducing Dan, jewellery and watch aficionado and Boutique Manager at Loupe Milton Keynes.

So Dan, tell us about your journey to becoming Loupe Boutique Manager.

“I started my career in the world of jewellery and watches in 2005 at a store right here in Milton Keynes. I then spent some time in London and became the manager of my first store in 2010. My career then came full circle when I came back to Milton Keynes as manager of what was to become the first Loupe boutique in June 2022.”

What do you love most about being the Loupe Boutique Manager?

“I love that every day is unique. Each client that visits the boutique is looking for something a little bit different, allowing you to get to know them more personally. But it’s also my wonderful team that put a smile on my face every day and the great business we work for that celebrates both your personal and business achievements and milestones.”

Loupe Diamonds

What are three things you can’t live without?

"My family, success in the workplace and my mobile phone."

Loupe Store

What’s the proudest moment of your career so far?

"That’s a hard one…I was particularly proud when I first became a manager back in 2010 but (not to be repetitive as I’m sure everyone else will put this) my number one proudest moment has to be the opening of our Loupe boutique."

Where’s your top travel destination to visit?

"It’s got to be the Greek Islands. Each one is so different with its own charm, whether you’re looking for lush landscapes, sandy beaches, or lots of culture, they all have something very different to offer. And if you want a bit of it all, nothing beats island hopping."


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

"Let go and trust in other people’s skill set."