Unparalleled lustre and eternal elegance - make a statement that matches your style with Mikimoto.


Mikimoto Core Mikimoto Core


Sure to enchant you, Mikimoto’s Core Collection boasts the perfect, pristine Akoya pearl. With its radiant lustre, otherworldly beauty, and secretive allure, it’s changed the face of pearls forever.

Mikimoto Morning Dew Mikimoto Morning Dew

Morning Dew

A delicate combination of graduating round brilliant cut diamonds and pearls, the Morning Dew collection mimics the subtle glimmer of nature's dew drops resting delicately on the lawn. Idyllic? We think so.

Mikimoto Pearls in Motion Mikimoto Pearls in Motion

Pearls in Motion

Fun, playful and classic. One necklace, infinite looks. What more could you ask for from the pearls in Motion collection?

Mikimoto Bubble collection Mikimoto Bubble collection

Bubble collection

A design overflowing with joy and style, Akoya pearls and diamonds mimic the ebb and flow of water bubbling through sand on a shore with the Bubble collection.


With a quest for perfection, Mikimoto has been translating our hopes and dreams into pearl necklaces for over 120 years. And today? The originator of cultured pearls creates lust-worthy pieces that reflect the purity of the ocean and the mystery of creation. Born from the traditions and philosophies of Japan, Mikimoto’s designs transcend age and gender instead, creating pieces that, to own, are a unique and luxurious pleasure.

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