Meet our Insiders:
Loupe Boutique Manager
Rob Keemer 

Meet Rob, a true expert in exquisite curation and Boutique Manager at Loupe Croydon.

So Rob, tell us about your journey to becoming Loupe Boutique Manager.

“My journey in the industry began in 1994 at the age of 17. I've had the privilege of managing several showrooms, all while being based in Croydon. For the past decade, I have proudly managed the Lyons showroom, which has now become the new Loupe Croydon boutique and I am thrilled to continue my role of manager. As I approach my 30th anniversary in the world of watches and jewellery, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate this milestone.”

What do you love most about being the Loupe Boutique Manager?

“For me, I enjoy paying attention to every detail, so that every experience at our boutique is completely personal to our clients. Even when I am strolling through the market stalls in Covent Garden, I’m always looking for inspiration to enhance our boutique. And witnessing my team in action, personally delivering that exceptional client service, fills me with a great sense of pride.”

Loupe Diamonds

What brings you joy? 

"What brings me joy is my family, my fiancé and my three children who I love and adore, and I can’t wait to get home at night and see them."

Loupe Store

What is it about the Loupe experience that makes it so unique? 

"Well, we've put a lot of effort into carefully curating an experience that's tailor-made just for our clients and we like to take the time to understand what truly matters to them. Our high demand luxury timepieces create real excitement among our clients, which is why we want them to be blown away when the time comes to collect their watch. Some prefer the suspense whilst others have specific desires and we're more than happy to accommodate them. We truly believe that one size doesn't fit all and that’s what makes us so unique. "

Where is your favourite travel destination?

"My favourite travel destination has to be Las Vegas. I have had the pleasure of visiting this vibrant city five times, and each experience has solidified my love for it. It is a place that truly lives up to its reputation, offering endless possibilities and an atmosphere that you just can’t find anywhere else. "


What’s your favourite drink from our Loupe bar?

"Personally, I am a huge fan of the Old Fashioned. It's a timeless and classic cocktail that never fails to deliver on taste. Its flavours are exceptional, and it has a delightful kick to it. "